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Rolleston, Selwyn

Rooms available: 1 | 2 current residents | Parking: OSP - Other
Nov 21st, 16:57 | Web ID: 23050

We don't really have a flat, as much as we have a home! We love our flat whānau, and we are looking to fill a vacancy which has just popped up 😜 as our flatmate #3 has decided to move into Christchurch.  We have one or two rooms available for 3-months until February, and then we will be looking for a new flat in a similar area.  

We have 2 cats 🐱🐈, one is a bit high maintenance, but the other is chill enough for both of them!!  They often bring in flowers from the garden 🌺 (I much prefer these to 🐀 but appreciate it's a bit weird haha!).

We are a brother/ sister combo, and because of this our home really is a home- and we love to include flatters into our whanau.  We don't have rigid rules around food/ that kind of thing 🍫🍣. We take it pretty easy! 

Our flat isn't the newest or flashiest, but we love it! We are mostly into finding someone who has a similar belief, and fits into our culture!  We enjoy living in a quieter area of Rolleston, and being close enough to the city, but far enough away as well 😅. 

I (Rach) manage a preschool out of town and I am only home a couple of days a week, Kev is currently not working, but big into the 🎮🎮 lifestyle!  We're into sports, church, worship team! Love a laugh! 

We have a 4 bedroom house, and between 3 of the rooms we are pretty flexible on price and room. We can provide a double or single bed (and bedding) if needed! We are flexible on price, and our contract ends in Feb.  We would be looking in the same area and keen to keep the flat together if you are.   

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