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Poulson St, Christchurch City

Rent: $92/ Week | Rooms available: 1 | 3 current residents | Parking: OSP - Other
May 17th, 19:04 | Web ID: 19341

Come and join our flamily!!! We are currently a flat of two girls (one fantastic Canuck and one two stellar Kiwis) and we are looking for one other girl to join us. We are mid-twenties and one 30yr old (that's me, but we’re all super cool I promise). Two of us work full time and the other flatmates studies. We are losing our current flatmate to moving overseas, which is both very sad and very exciting! Room will obviously be clean/empty when it’s all done :) 

Bed is a double bed, to give an idea of size. 

$20/month for internet 

$20-$30/fortnight for power 

$40/week for food.

 Netflix- FREE!!!!! 


The room is outside in the sleepout; it has no built-in and would best suit a single bed. It is attached to the garage but we don’t use it for anything more than storage, so that’s never an issue. The girl in there had said she’s never had any issues being out there (space, heating, etc), and it’s only annoying when it’s raining and she needs to pee hahaha. Current flatmate is moving over seas will likely not want to take all of her storage with her, so if needed I can confirm this! 


The house is a quaint little house where the lounge and kitchen are all in the same area, and bathroom and the bedrooms are all down the hall. Older house, but the bathroom was re-done about a year ago and the shower is amazing. 


We are a flat of Jesus-loving girls and are very active in our respective church communities. We really love hanging out together and often make trips to the Warehouse. We enjoy watching a good movie (or a trashy one) and probably some good on-demand TV (trashy) as well. Unfortunately we don't have freeview as the satellite and the TV refuse to speak to each other. We are very social, and while we do really enjoy hanging out we also very much respect each other's space. It really is like a family; we also love hot drinks (and we have mugs for DAYS), and we'd love for a like-minded girl to come and join us! Also Addington is suuuuper central to just about anywhere. Room available at the end of May. 

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