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Cambridge Heights, Bethlehem, Tauranga City

Rent: $390 | Rooms available: 1 | 4 current residents | Parking: OSP - Other
Monday July 26, 18:08 | Web ID: 23059

A soon-to-be-available, spacious room is currently being used by a couple of guys sharing the room during their working OE in this beautiful land.

Located about three kilometres from Bethlehem College Campus and six kilometres from the CBD, the home is handy to shops, Fernland Spa, green space, and key transport routes.

Although there is a lot of independence from one another in terms of our day to day living here—as an outworking of differing schedules and circles of friends we generally suss our own meals—, we and our neighbours are a supportive community; so, we are seeking another person (or couple of people) who their friends could describe as genuine, empathetic, and kind.

A reason that some prospective flatmates would choose to exclude themselves from the possibility of residing here is that there is a strong intention here to avoid having unclean meat & blood enter the home, in an attempt to align with Leviticus 11 and Leviticus 20:25.
Incidentally, some of us favour a vegetarian lifestyle.

None of the residents here smoke or vape, and we'd prefer to keep it that way.

We don't have pets, although the neighbourhood moggies often come for a visit. :)

So, if you're personable, communicative, thoughtful, responsible, clean & relatively tidy; and if you feel there's potential for your residing here being a good thing for both you and our little community, you are welcome to make contact via 027-756 8766.

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