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Tania Read

Oct 7th, 14:43

Hi, I'm actually looking for my nearly 27 year old daughter.  Rather urgent as she needs to move asap.  Preferably somewhere not too far from the airport.  Flatting or board would be... read more

Tania Read

Oct 7th, 14:41

Actually looking urgently for nearly 27 year old daughter.  Board or flatting situation.  Preferably not too far from airport.   read more


Sep 29th, 21:23

HI. I am looking for a place in a flat early next year.  I am at present a first year student studying at Ara Institute of Canterbury. Worship at Grace Presbyterian Church.  Need access t... read more

Galen Mountfort

Sep 23rd, 15:43

Looking for a place to flat/board at starting early next year. I am working as a laundry delivery driver part time (Tuesday to Thursday) and delivering for Uber Eats on other days. Fun-loving frien... read more

Heidi Janssen

Sep 22nd, 11:44

Hi I'm a 27yr old full time working female, looking for a place to live that allows for one cat also (well toliet trained)  preferably in Ilam or in the surrounding suburbs as I do not have a ... read more