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Jan 12th, 16:22

Heya, I am a 30 year old female. I am a christian, and love Jesus with a passion, I like seeing people built up and living in their God fulfilled destiny.. I am moving to Christchurch to ... read more

Max Saathof

Jan 5th, 16:10

I am replying to your advert for Christian flat mates. I am in my third year as a Forestry Science student and along with my cousin who is in the second year of the same degree, we are currently... read more

Raymond Yap

Dec 24th 2019, 00:51

Hi, I'm looking for a place to "rent" for my retired parents, both Christians who will be relocating to Christchurch in mid Feb 2020. Alternatively, if they could help in "house sitting" or take ca... read more