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Tayla Ogg

Feb 1st, 14:30

Hey I’m Tayla 18 finished school last year and I’m looking for a flat around Waikato area, planning on working full time this year and moving out of my home town whangamata. Been Christian for 5/6 ... read more

joe sauni

Feb 1st, 11:38

Hello. My name is Joe. I've recently moved back from Sydney after 13yrs. Looking to settle in Hamilton where most of my family and friends are. Been hairdressing for 20yrs and have a lot of conta... read more

Sara Pairaudeau

Jan 30th, 13:27

I am currently looking for somewhere to move into within the next month or so. I am currently struggling with a series of health issues which are yet to be sorted out so can be quite fatigued some ... read more